Supplementation for Beginners

Dietary supplements are designed not only for professional athletes, but for all who love a physical activity and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use supplements to get good results. You can find it out by reading the book "Supplementation for Beginners."

The book was written by an experienced nutritionist, specializing in nutrition and supplementation in sports. The author decided to share with readers his knowledge that he gained during his studies, and many years of work with their clients, among which there were many athletes and people practicing amateur sport. The book is addressed to people who have never used nutritional and dietary supplements, as well as to those who are not satisfied with the results of supplementation.

The book discusses the pre-workout supplements, and supplements that support a post-workout recovery. There is no lack of information on vitamin and mineral supplements, which are an important complement to a healthy diet. The author also talk about supplements that help support weight reduction. It explains how work preparations accelerating fat burning, and what supplements to choose, if the cause of weight gain is slow metabolism.

"Supplementation for Beginners" is the book that can be also recommended to some supplements skeptics. The author presents the results of researches debunking the myth that supplementation is not necessary if you use a healthy diet.