Healthy Athlete

Everyone knows that physical activity is essential for health and well-being. However, be aware that sport is not everything. If you want to learn how to act to ensure you health and well-being, then read the book "Healthy Athlete".

The authors of the book primarly focus on a diet, which in the case of physically active people should look a little different. Sport increases the need for some nutrients, so it is important to use a proper diet and supplementation. The authors discuss the topic of supplements that support building muscle mass, as well as preparations facilitating the achievement of other goals.

The next chapter is dedicated to preventive tests. Each person should take part in medical tests from time to time, but in the case of athletes they have a special meaning. As you know, sport is good for your health, but some disciplines, increase the risk of certain health problems. In the book "Healthy Athlete", you can find information about the most important medical examinations, as well as contraindications to practice some sports.

"Healthy Athlete" is a collective work of an experienced trainer, sports medicine doctor and nutritionist, who has been specializing in sports nutrition since many yaers. Thus the book is a reliable source of knowledge for all athletes, both for professionals and for those who treat sports as a hobby.