Fundamentals of horsemanship

Horse riding is for many people not only sport, but life's passion. One of those is the author of the book "Fundamentals of horsemanship", which is a valuable source of knowledge for all who begin their adventure with the horse riding theme.

The first chapter of the book is devoted to the topic of a stable choice. The author explains how to choose a good place to learn to ride. We learn, among other things, how to recognize whether horses are well taken care of, and what horses are the best for novice riders.

In the next chapter the author explains how to prepare for the first lesson. He pays attention to both horsemanship outfit, as well as ways to overcome the fear of horse riding.

The third chapter of the book "Fundamentals of horsemanship" contains a lot of valuable information about horses. The author explains the behavior of these animals, and suggests how to make good contact with them.

The last chapter contains information on the correct horsing and driving techniques. The author presents a number of interesting exercises, that allow you to overcome fear and learn to balance on the horse. There are also information about safety while riding.

The author of the book rides a horse for nearly thirty years, and has almost two decades of experience in coaching. As a trainer, he met with various riders, among other things, with people who felt a strong fear of horses. Therefore, to read the book we can also encourage those who would like to learn to ride, but they have some concerns.